Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Even though our primary focus is the Southern Ohio Region we believe that we are also called to support other Minister's/Ministries that seek to carry the Gospel both locally and Globally. Below are the Missionaries that we support. If you would like to support any one of these Missions please contact us!

Active Missionaries

WXIC Radio
WRAC Radio
K-Love Radio
King of Kings Radio
Bro. Leonardo
Bro. Pagu
Bro. Paulis
Bro. Jiveti
Mary Ann Jordan
Jody Stephens
Faith & Action
Chris Long
The Refuge
Reformers Unanimous
Food Pantry
Pregnancy Center
Adams County Christian School
Bro. Darrell Peters
Amy Myers
Andy and Heather
Bret and Sara Wilson (Mt. Hope Bible Camp)
Mary Johnson
Anthony Seamen
Alfredo Prada

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